Development at Pess is based on the idea of providing customers with an ever improving product quality.

Increasingly reliable solutions are the fruit of the highest quality standards that characterize all Pess products. These standards have been achieved thanks to the support of specific test equipment: 100% of production is subject to strict parametric and functional testing.

The accuracy of the company procedures used has enabled Pess to obtain the CE mark; compliance with the strictest standards and technical regulations for many Pess products has brought about certifications from IMQ – the most prestigious Italian certification body in the electricity sector – as well as international certifications such as BAKOM and ANPI.

Pess offers end-users a 5 year warranty for any manufacturing defects of circuit boards produced, as well as an additional guarantee to that prescribed by law free of charge, thus more effectively safeguarding the investment of both the installer and, more importantly, the end user.

The only formality necessary to obtain the five-year warranty on circuit boards is to fill in and return the warranty card present in the majority of Pess product packaging and is also available on our website.

For more information, please read the Warranty terms and conditions


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